Set yourself free, the sky is your limit!

set yourself free by seeing inward

Set yourself free so that you can unleash the best within you.

We are often prisoner of our own mind – which dictates what we can or cannot do.  By removing the walls of self-imposed confines, we can realize much of our hidden potential.

How do you do that?

It is not difficult at all! You can do it here and now.

Close your eyes.

Think of nothing.   Turn your mind from the ‘active’ to the ‘passive’ mode. Let go of all intention to control. Accept and let things be.

Detach yourself from your worries, fear and anger. Detach yourself from your desire, joy and excitement. Whatever emotion emerges, take it as if a passing car on the road. You see it and yet do not see it.

You mind is now empty.

In the state of tranquility, you do not control, and you are not controlled.  All of a sudden, you are as if a bird set free – fluttering its wing and then flying and gliding in the sky!

With the freedom, you let go.  By letting go, you receive. You receive new energy. You receive inspiration. It regains you your inner peace. It gets you to see yourself and things around you differently.

You are renewed!

When you have done, slowly open your eyes.

Do not begrudge yourself of this moment of freedom – even if it lasts only a few minutes!

You may call this moment meditation — the precious moment of setting yourself free by seeing inward.

Without going out the door,
Know the world.
Without looking out the window,
See the Way of Heaven.

Verse 47 Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching

Thanks to Sussanne Nilsson for the picture.

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  1. Thanks very much for posting this online. I found it yesterday by googling “wu wei.” I shall be reading more daily. The lessons and concepts are all very inspiring.

  2. Searching things that work in a practical and true way has great rewards visible and invisible and thus one can search deeper and truer on, things that reward one in his effort that builds strength, very simple but deep is the ocean. lol

  3. Your translation is very up to date even in a world that moves so fast. Once I read Tao quotes every day, they renew one’s self image and train my thoughts, your tradition is a kind one which you share in truth. There being so many rewards in understanding the day, each day. I thank you for your time spent.

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