Tao of peak performance

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If you want to understand how Tao works, watch the peak performers in action.

With or without them knowing, peak performers are the exponents of Tao.

They enjoy the state of being.

They surrender totally to their faith in nature and allow nature to bring out the best in them.

They are at ease yet vigilant, so that they can change and constantly staying in one with all the relevant elements to ensure conditions for the peak performance is ever present.

They set themselves free, removing all hindrance in their mind, so that their body can move at will.

They manifest the beauty of Tao.

The great Tao flows unobstructed in every direction.
All things rely on it to conceive and be born,
and it does not deny even the smallest of creation.
When it has accomplishes great wonders,
it does not claim them for itself.
It nourishes infinite worlds,
yet it doesn’t seek to master the smallest creature.
Since it is without wants and desires,
it can be considered humble.
All of creation seeks it for refuge
yet it does not seek to master or control.
Because it does not seek greatness;
it is able to accomplish truly great things.

Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching 34

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