Tao of leadershipTao of Leadership

For most of us, when we think of a leader, we will think of someone who commands, instructs, or even reprimands.  His people would listen to what he has to say and follow his lead.

This is why when we hear Lao Tzu says that the best leader is one who follows, and that he’s so invisible that his people don’t even know that he exists, many of us find it intriguing.

If you, however, look deeply into it, then you’d understand why in fact the soft approach to leadership is a lot more powerful.

The best of leaders,
his people hardly know that he exists.
Next is the leader his people love and praise.
Next comes the one they fear.
Next comes the one they shame.

Nonchalant and reticent.
When work is done,
His people say, ‘We did it all but naturally!’

–  Lao Tzu


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