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To have clear thinking, it is important to be able to see the reality.

In Tao Te Ching, we learn to do one thing: 

Do not see black only as black and white only as white.

Rather, we are expected to be able to see black in white, and white in black.

This is in oppose to what many of us tend to do.  We tend to see things in the absolute terms. In reacting to a statement someone makes, we either interpret it as true or false.  When we are talking about an artifact, we like to assert whether it is genuine or non-genuine.

So when there is a failure, we see it as a failure, rather than the seeds of success.  When we are blessed with good fortune, we tend to take things for granted, forgetting that it could be where the misfortune lies.

This way of thinking leads to unfortunate consequences, from loss of opportunities and disappointment to souring relationships.

They could have been averted in the first place if we could see and accept the reality with a clear mind, which often would not be a pure black or pure white..

Pure black and pure white are minority.

In between black and white, there is a lot of other colors.

Tao teaches us to accept contradiction and paradox in life!

It allows us to see black in white, and white in black.

It gets you to see the existence as a paradox.


“Know what is white,

and safeguard the black:

you get model of the world.

With model of the world,

where virtue never falters,

you will return to the infinite.”

Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching Verse 28

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