Here are some of the stories of Tao that set your mind thinking

The teachings of the Tao have offered wisdom and guidance for individuals seeking balance, peace, and harmony throughout the ages. Wise sages have utilized storytelling as a means of conveying the fundamental principles and profound mysteries of the Tao. Below, you will find a selection of these timeless stories that offer insight into the Tao’s essential teachings.

not thinking and wu wei

Think About Not Thinking & Speak to the Universe

Keep things simple

When You Are Hungry, Eat | Tao Stories

Farmer's story of wu wei

The Art of Doing Nothing – Wu Wei

Earning Trust With Trust – Tao Stories

The Sea Bird - Chuang Tzu

Sea Bird and the King – Story of Chuang Tzu

be like water meaning

Be Like Water – Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching