Tao of Health – Secret of Longevity

How would you like to live  a long life, healthily and happily?   

The secret to longevity is to flow with the rhythm of nature.

Nature is a manifestation of Tao, which is the underlying force under all existence.  By going with the flow, you allow your body to optimise its innate potential, which is so powerful it’s beyond your imagination.

It makes you feel peaceful and effortless.  It strengthens your defence system in your body and triggers you self-healing mechanism,  making you more robust.

Perform Tao exercises like qigong, tai chi and meditation regularly to see the wonders.

At the same time, you can find inspiration from Tao literature such as Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu — which is sometimes referred to as the ‘manual for longevity’— and works of Zhuangzi. It lays the foundation for the Taoist medicine, which sheds interesting insight on how one can live a healthy and happy life.


Qigong (chi gong)



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