To identify the real opportunities, be honest with yourself.

grab the opportunity
What should you do when opportunity strikes?

“Jump at it, of course,” you are likely to say.

Opportunity waits for no man, so it is only natural that you should grab it tight when it emerges.

What if, however, you’re not ready?

A seemingly golden opportunity can turn into a nightmare.

Just imagine a half-cooked dinner is served to a star food columnist!  It spells disaster to the chef.  For the same token, putting a singer under limelight when she is yet to be ready would not elevate her to stardom.

Jump at opportunities only when you are ready; and be prepared to do nothing when you’re not.  This is part of the art of non-doing, i.e. wuwei.

To identify the real opportunities, be honest with yourself.  Stay detached so that you can evaluate it from a distance and examine the opportunity by looking at its various facets.

Find the best way to exploit the opportunity without stressing yourself.

Be ready to give it a pass if need be — if you find that doing nothing can be far better than doing something.  This is non-doing.

All that glitters is not gold.

“Disaster, has its roots in happiness,
and happiness, lurks in disaster.
Who knows when this cycle will end?
There is no constant.
The rounded may turn into odd,
and the good may turn into evil.
People’s confusion is long lasting.”

Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching quotes, Verse 58

Thanks to Randen Pederson for the picture


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