Hi, I’m Soon Teo, editor of the site.  Welcome to the Tao-In-You.com.

Tao Te Ching is said to be one of “the wisest book ever written”.

Written 2500 years ago, it’s profound and inspiring.  Amazingly relevant to our world today, and helps us to think with clarity.

There are many ways to read the book.  My approach is not to read the book as a book, but a source of vitality to make life better.

Like the old saying goes, “Tao is in everything you do, from cutting wood to carrying water.”

Everybody can benefit from benefit from the power of Tao, almost instantly, if he knows how.

I’ve been an avid learner of Tao, and have the privilege of reading books like Tao Te Ching and I Ching in the original language.

My keen interest in Tao began some 30 years ago, when I miraculously overcome a recurring respiratory problem by tapping the energy of Tao.  By doing a simple Tao exercise, the thunderous coughs went away in two months.  It was such a pleasant delight not only to me, but also my wife who had to struggle to cope when I fell sick!

Since then, books on Tao have been my close companions.  Applications of Tao, from meditation, tai chi and qigong, have been my source of vitality and zest for life.

Having been a business consultant for two decades before switching to my current focus on teaching Tao, I’ve also been able to witness the roles Tao energy can play in success.

I hope by sharing what I’ve learnt and experienced, you’d be able enjoy more in all things you do, through the application of principles derived from Tao.


Soon Teo