See Tao the Mystery of the Universe Unfold

tao of cross road

What about an escape with a friend without any destination in mind?

Go anyway with any friend.  Don’t plan, just go!

If you are an organised person, the idea itself can be abhorring.  Where shall I begin, who shall I be?  what will happen, will I end up somewhere awfully boring?

Many of us were brought up having to define clearly what we think and what we do.  When we are talking about a person, we want clarity about the person.  Is he honest?  Fun?  Smart?   When we want to do something, we want a clear plan.  When you’re on a trip, you want to define the itinerary and know what you’re going to see and play.

We feel insecure when we don’t define.

Defining and planning are good, although not without costs.  They set a confine to what we think, and therefore also a limit to what we do.  Come to think of it, you could have missed quite a bit in life because whatever you do have all been planned before hand.

The fact of life is that what you plan may not be the best that is in store for you.  We plan with our knowledge and experience and they are limited.  Have you ever experienced a wrong turn of road ending you up at a terrific new terrain, or a new route that is in fact more shorter and with less traffic.

The is the paradox of life!  Defining is good, it organises our life.  It can, unfortunately, also be bad as it limit our reach.  Going to either extreme can be harmful.  So the magic is to strike a beautiful balance.

Like Lao Tzu says, “Ever desires, one can see the mystery.  Every desiring, one can see the manifestation.”

In order to live life fully, we should not live life in only the pre-defined ways.  In addition to planning with our desire, try letting go of desires and see the mystery of life unfold without you interfering.   Accept whatever happens and appreciate the underlying patterns of nature that emerge.

If you are used to planning, try at times without planning.

Try an escape with a friend without any destination in mind, let things happen spontaneously, accept whatever that turns out to be — good or bad.   Observe the underlying patterns of nature and see if you could discerns the laws of the universe that are governing the events.

It could turn out to be an exciting experience that brings you closer to Tao.

Heading nowhere can be fun!

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