Meditation has been around for thousands of years.  Among the ancient classics,

Tao Te Ching is regarded one of the most comprehensive guides on how to do meditation.  This is one of the verses from the classic, that will help you to mediate more effectively.

“Be totally empty,
embrace the tranquility of peace.
Watch the workings of all creation,
observe how endings become beginnings.”

All creatures in the universe
return to the point where they began.
Returning to the source is tranquility
meaning submitting to what is and what is to be.

During meditation, you center your mind and ignore the the stream of ‘straying’ thoughts that take you from your focus.  It free you from the rush of the external world.

In the process, you get the the opportunities to examine the point where you began, and direct yourself back to the tranquillity of the origin.

It is an effective way to get rid of worries and stress, and the many health problems of modern days that harass us. In a way, mediation is an effective medicine for mind-body and yin yang balance, made possible by the deep state of relaxation and a tranquility.

It gives you a sense of composure, peace and balance that stabilize your emotions and improve your health. The calmness helps you with your works, and improve your relationships with your family and friends.

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  1. Thank you for the delightful work that you have made public. I am reading the McDonald translation on your site; it is useful and perhaps sometimes of an improved manner of expressing the concepts to Western minds. It is unfortunate that I do not have an original text, nor the desire to learn Chinese, but each translation describes the authors’ own firsthand experience, and it is within the observing of the differences of experiences that we can better estimate how each individual approaches Tao.

    Thank you again, your work is of value, and I will color my words to other people by what I have found colored within yours.

  2. Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful translations. I especially like this from Verse 16.
    It spoke perfectly to me when I first discovered your site a few days ago. I can see that I have many more opportunities to read and learn. Excellent work!

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