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not thinking and wu wei

Think About Not Thinking & Speak to the Universe

A young disciple, newly initiated into the practice of meditation, poses a seemingly simple question to the Master: “Master, what should I be thinking when doing meditation? Should I think about my place in the vast universe and the technique of meditation itself, or empty my mind of all thoughts?” The Master shakes his head…
Keep things simple

When You Are Hungry, Eat | Tao Stories

Keep Things Simple The new disciple embarks on a journey to the mountain, yearning to uncover the hidden secrets of Tao. However, he finds himself unable to engage in a personal conversation with the revered Master. After much anticipation, the day finally arrives when he is granted this coveted opportunity. Overflowing with excitement, he summons…
Farmer's story of wu wei

The Art of Doing Nothing – Wu Wei

The Art of Doing Nothing – Tao Stories Once, in a distant village, there lived a farmer known for his impatience. Having sown the seeds in his paddy field, the farmer eagerly awaited the bountiful harvest that would soon grace his land. However, as days turned into weeks, he grew increasingly frustrated by the sluggish…
The Sea Bird - Chuang Tzu

Sea Bird and the King – Story of Chuang Tzu

Once upon a time, a magnificent bird flew from the sea and landed in the countryside of a small kingdom. The bird was extraordinary, with its impressive size, breathtaking beauty, and elegant features. People were awestruck by its appearance and gave it the name “Sea Bird”. As word of the bird’s arrival spread, it eventually…