Secret to living a long, healthy and happy life

tao of longevity

For thousands of years, people have been intrigued by the question of how one can age gracefully without losing vitality.

Is there an answer?

Yes, and you can find it in Tao.

Make Tao a way of life and flow with nature.  Just like this grande dame in a fable of Chuang Tzu:

A man is intrigued by the elegance of an old woman. Not only is she remarkably young, she wears a pinkish complexion of a child.

“What is your secret for keeping your youth,” he asks.

“This is because I know Tao,” said the old lady, who unselfishly shares the seven steps to living a long and youthful life.

Step 1: “When I adhere to Tao, three days later, I stay out of the world (外天下); oblivious to the happenings around me!”

Step 2: “Seven days later, I stay out of things (外物), and I’m no longer burdened by worldly possessions.”

Step 3: “Nine days later, I stay out of life (外生). I live simply and enjoy the present, not bothered by life and death!”

Step 4: “Then, I perceive the light of dawn (朝彻). Clear of clutters, I feel my mind is as if a room brightened up with the light of dawn.”

Step 5: “Then I see the oneness (见独). I see the single principle that governs the whole universe, making me clairvoyant.”

Step 6: “Then I stay out of past and present (无古今). I am timeless.”

Step 7: “Then I see no life and no death (不生不死).”

While it may be just a fable, it is a serious lesson on healthy living and longevity.  Can you learn anything from it?

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