Allowing clear mind and ambiguity to co-exist is yin-yang of understanding

tao te ching clear mind

As a believer of logic and sciences, we are so used to demand not just ‘answers’, but ‘the answer’.

Unfortunately, even when we are given ‘answers’, we should always be ready to accept that it is not ‘the answer’.

While Tao guides us with the universal laws that allow clearer understanding of things, it does not deny the chaotic nature of reality. Tao is by nature indefinable; so clear mind happens only when it can stay open to accept things happen as they happen.

It is not unlike surfing among choppy waves where the most effective way is to flow along to where the waves takes us, despite having the destination in mind.  In order to stay close to the reality, we should allow clear mind and ambiguity to co-exist. This is yinyang of understanding.

“ Tao is intangible and evasive,
Although intangible and evasive, in it there is form;
Although evasive and intangible, in it there is shape.
Although obscure and dark, in it there is vitality;
Its vitality is very genuine.
Within it we can find order.”

–  Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching 21

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