You could be ‘wasting your breath’ without you knowing.

taoist breathing

Breathing is so much part of us that we take it for granted. We breathe without thinking, wasting countless opportunities that pass under our nostril every day. They could have been exploited to improve the quality of our life.

The fact is that most of us overlook the importance of deep breathing.

We forget the fact that when our breathing is natural and deep, we are able to take in more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide with every breath. Since our body is nourished by the air we breathe and the food we eat, improving the function of airflow in our body is essential to improving our health.

Taoists take breathing very seriously, and there have been exercises since centuries ago to cultivate good habits of breathing for better health. One of the ancient systems for breathing is known as ‘tuna’.

Within the system is a technique that takes us all the way back to the method we breathed when we were in our mothers’ womb; when we were infants; and when we are totally relaxed — in sleep.

Known as natural breathing, or belly or diaphragmatic breathing, the method of breathing makes us inhale the air not to our lungs, but all the way to our belly. You direct the air to press your belly when inhaling, and push the air away from your belly when exhaling. The belly expands when you inhale, and contracts when you exhale.

Although the air does not go into the belly, pressing the air to the Diaphragm deepens our breath and brings in more oxygen. At the same time, it also exercises our internal organs.

If this is not the way that you breathe, try doing it now — gently.

The technique is similar to the diaphragmatic breathing demonstrated in the video.

Thanks to Aaron Gilson for the picture.

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