64075321_4a57d90445_o“What should I be thinking about?” Asks a Disciple

A young disciple, who has just started meditation, asks the innocuous question, “What should I be thinking about during meditation, Master?”

“Should I be thinking about where I am in the universe, the way I meditate, or not thinking about anything?”

The Master shakes his head and says, “I do not know. I’ve never thought about it.”

The Master is indeed not thinking, and this is how he gets the best from his meditation.

But how do you think about not thinking?  The problem is that the more you think about not thinking, the more you are thinking.

One way to counter this to see any thought that comes to you as simply another thought. Allow the thoughts to come and go and see them as only thoughts. Do not analyze, do not accept, do not reject. Let them be simply a movement, like a breeze drifting by your face.

When you see thoughts as movement, you blow your fear, trivial concerns and other thoughts away, allowing you to savour the world without the burden of analysing every moment of your experience. When you do this, you jump out of the loop of thinking.  Your mind begins to relax and radiant thoughts are ready to call on you.

You begin to speak to the universe!

Who can be still
until their mud settles
and the water is cleared by itself?
Can you remain tranquil until right action occurs by itself?

The Master doesn’t seek fulfilment.
For only those who are not full are able to be used
which brings the feeling of completeness.

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, Chapter 14, translated by J H Mcdonald


Picture by Kevin Labianco

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