See how much you can be part of nature

How beautifully the man is integrated with nature, that the pine is another being that he whispers to.

I really enjoy this painting of Feng Zikai, a highly respected Chinese author and painter. It’s poetic title sees nature in a new light

When most of the time, we’d see ourselves as an intruder to nature, the man in the painting sees himself as so much part of nature that the pine is another being that he can extend his empathy to.

Feng was born in 1898, and passed away in1975. Upon his graduation in the First Normal Teachers’ University in China, he traveled to Japan in 1921 to further his study. He began to publish comics in 1924. A very intelligent man, he took 10 months to become proficient in Japanese and English, and became an accomplished painter, writer and translator, as well as an educator for the art and music. His paintings are well sought after in the auction houses.

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