The five elements & The Tao of Diet with Shashi Solluna

tao cyclical views about health

There are two distinctly different ways to look at the world.

One of them is linear, the other cyclical.

Adopting the linear view, you see the world as progressing from one point to another as if a straight line. So after birth, one would progress towards death, and death is the ending of the progression. Time wise, a day is a progression from first hour to the twenty-forth.

Those who see the world as a cycle see things quite differently. Instead of going from one point to another, everything in the world flows like a cycle. Birth progresses towards death and back to birth again with a renewal.  Time wise, instead of progression from January to December, a year is a cycle of four seasons.  For the same token, a day can be divided into four parts — not unlike the four seasons of a year.

The cyclical view gets you to see the world to be the universe revolving around you — a small universe.   You become an integral of the universe and part of the flow. The view affects how you view yourself, and the ways you manage your health.

In the video, Shashi Solluna talks about the cyclical view and how the understanding of the ebbs and flows of energy both around and in you help to enhance your health and thus quality of life.  She also gives an interesting overview on the Five Elements and how they are linked to the ebbs and flow of your energy.



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