The less excess baggage there is, the more likely you’re going to enjoy more out of your life.

let go of excess baggage

How much can an additional 10-kg baggage do to you?

“Nothing!” If you are a strong man, you may shrug if off with a laugh.

But other people do mind. The airline that carries your baggage is one of them. Excess baggage adds to the load of a plane. Even if it does not plunge it to the ground, it consumes more fuel and potentially slows down the flight.

So goes your journey of life.

Excess baggage doesn’t really matter, until it reaches limit of the healthy level. Once you allow it to continue adding up, it spells trouble. Stress, anxiety and many other problems creep in.

Excess baggage doesn’t really matter, until speed and height you travel matter. It clips your wings and lowers you speed, preventing you from flying and soaring the heights.

So it is wise to do what the airlines do. Regularly check the baggage that you’re carrying to keep it to the minimum. When you find any excess, let go of it, so that you can live a life of ease.

The less excess baggage there is, the freer you are, and the more likely that you’re going to perform your best and enjoy more out of your life.

Baggage comes in all forms and shapes. They include ego, distractions, fear, and worries. The list goes on.

Let’s use distraction as an example.

Distraction is an excess baggage as it takes you away from you focus. It draws your attention away from the center, and can cause you to make unnecessary but costly detour or have you lost in the jungle.

To see how getting rid of distraction can help you in your life, let me tell you a story.

A new disciple asks his master, “How do you practice Tao, Sir?”

The master says, “When you are hungry, eat; when you are tired, sleep.”

The disciple is astonished at the simplicity of the answer. “Isn’t that what everyone does anyway?”

The master replies, “No. Most people feed themselves with thousands of desires when they eat and dream of thousands of designs when they sleep.”

See it? No wonder so many people cannot eat well and sleep well. They are eating and sleeping with the excess baggage of distraction!

By getting the distractions off the load, you can now focus. No more thousands of desires when you eat and thousands of designs when you sleep.

When you are focused, you live in the present. When you can focused and live in the present, you take another solid step in your life journey.  You sleep better and eat better — by having no excess baggage of distractions.

By focusing, you get more from the things you do BY DOING LESS.

Do it NOW!  Even if it is one minute, you enjoy a life without excess baggage for one additional golden minute.

Do not underestimate the impact. If you can successfully do it for one minute, you can do it for another, and yet another. If you can do it to counter baggage like distraction, you can do it for fear, worries and anxiety and what not.

Soon, you are taking away more and more of the excess baggage in your life without you knowing.

Eventually, you will understand the power of non-doing, the art of accomplish more by not doing more.

“The five colors blind the eye.
The five tones deafen the ear.
The five flavors stale the palate.
The chase for preys deranges the mind,
too much treasure impedes one’s growth.

The Sage acts on what he feels not what he sees,
so allows things to come and go.”

— Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching quotes, Verse 12


Thanks to Hobvias Sudoneighm for the picture.

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