Being opposed is only an interplay of yin and yang

tao of opposition

Do you feel hurt or rejected when what you bring up is opposed?

Do you, as a result, stop to hold an opinion of your own and never again to speak out, or even building a wall to shut different opinions out?

One way to overcome this fear of rejection is to understand the interplay of yin and yang.

Yin and yang are two sides of things. It is like the head and the tail of a coin. They exist alongside one another. The head is not a head without the tail, and the tail is not a tail without the head.

If you are yin, somewhere out there must be a corresponding yang. If you are yang, somewhere out there must be a corresponding yin.

Yin and yang are reality. It is in the nature of existence. Even if no one talks about it, something totally opposing what you say is in existence.  So what is wrong when someone utters it?

In other words, it is quite all right to be opposed.

A major reason for you not to readily accepting opposition is often not the opinion itself, but your ‘face’ – i.e. the ego. It is often the challenge to your ‘perfection’ and dignity that result in you building up the resistance.  If only you could empty your self, and accept things in nothingness!

Acceptance of reality would put you totally at ease – and allow you to value the opposing opinions to make your points of view more complete.

Throw away the baggage of your ego, and you are back to your yin-yang balance.  Accompanying it is the serenity and courage to grow yourself out of opposition.

All things carry Yin
yet embrace Yang.
They blend their life breaths
in order to produce harmony.

People despise being orphaned, widowed and poor.
But the noble take these as their titles.
In losing, much is gained,
and in gaining, much is lost.

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching (42)


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