Clearly one of the wisest books ever written

Since Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu was introduced to the wider part of the world, thinkers from all continents are extolling the ancient book for the wisdom it conveys.

Among them are Leo Tolstoy who said Tao Te Ching had influenced his life greatly.   Rabindranath Tagore said, “Lao tzu is the greatest philosopher of all times.”  Eckhart Tolle pointed out that “If a book that is written so long ago is still vitally alive, it means it must have been written from a very deep place, and point to something that is timeless.”

Even Lao Tzu’s contemporary — one of the greatest philosophers of China Confucius said, “Birds can fly but will fall at the hunter’s arrow. Fish can swim but will be hooked by the fisherman. Beasts can run but will drop into people’s nets and traps. There is only one thing that is out of man’s reach. That’s the legendary dragon.  A dragon can fly into the sky, ride on clouds, dive into the ocean. A dragon is powerful yet so intangible to us. Lao Tzu is a dragon, and I’ll never understand him.”

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