How to relieve stress quickly

There is an effective way for stress relief – wanting less.

Begin your day by wanting less, and it gives you a new start street-free every day.

If you’re inflicted with stress, overwhelm, and burnout, be ready to cut down on the never-ending desire, like how an overweight person cuts down on the fat.

One of the primary causes of stress is our tendency to be overly accommodating when faced with a constant clamor for our time and attention. Unfortunately, our time and energy are limited, but what we want can never end. Getting caught up in this cycle is incredibly easy, exacerbated by the never-ending desire for more money, a better house, and accolades from superiors.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with striving for more, but it can become stifling if we lose our center.

Cutting down your desires by cutting down fat

In addition, when we constantly want more, we inevitably feel disappointed because we will never have enough. When there is no fulfillment, there is no joy. You feel lacking and deprived no matter how successful you are.

What if we were to start with less? How would that change our entire day?

By focusing on only what truly matters, we can transform our daily experience.

Begin by trimming down your to-do list to include only the essential tasks for the day. Simultaneously, limit the number of tasks you aim to accomplish to a realistically attainable number. Then, deliberately ignore the rest.

“But I have so much to do…” you might protest.

The sense of urgency is concerning. If you find yourself adding tasks you cannot realistically complete to your list, it’s a clear symptom of imposing unrealistic demands on yourself. It signifies a need to reevaluate your work-life balance before these problems snowball.

Start by desiring less for the day and focus on achieving what truly matters. Doing this increases the likelihood of feeling fulfilled by the day’s end.

Happy and fulfilled with Wu Wei

Now, suppose you still have spare time and energy; you can choose to do more. It gives you both the fulfillment of attaining your goals and engaging in additional activities.

Beginning your day with a desire for less is powerful because it enables you to accomplish what truly matters. Simultaneously, it allows you to scale up your efforts without succumbing to anxiety and stress.

This is the essence of wu wei, or non-doing, and its transformative power.

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