What if your boss is the smartest …

Very often, a boss remains small because he is too smart to be great.

He cannot afford to see someone smarter than him in his team. “How can I be the boss if I’m not the smartest?”

As a result, his men either do not want to outshine him or because of the culture don’t know they can outshine him. Thus the team never goes smarter than the boss.

Even when in the team there is a million-dollar producer, he would stay to be a thousand-dollar producer because his boss is a thousand.

What if the boss thinks differently?

Rather than insisting to be the smartest, he sees himself for having an eye for the smartest? Rather than being the smartest himself, he finds satisfaction and fulfilment in bringing in and grooming the smartest!

He is going to have million-dollar producers into his team, and many more in the making! The capability of his team will escalate!

The boss now is not smart. But he is great!

How did the great rivers and seas become the Lords
of the ravines?
By being good at keeping low.
That was how they became Lords of the Ravines.

Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching, Chapter 66

Thanks to Peter Mooney for the picture.

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