‘He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.’

lao tzu - knowing enough

If you are facing anxiety and stress, try the antidote provided by Lao Tzu.

‘He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough,’ said the ancient sage in his book of wisdom Tao Te Ching.

We often attribute the causes of anxiety and stress to external factors, such as work pressure and expectation of others, not knowing that the real culprit could be something rooted deep in us.

One major problem we face is that we forget what is enough, and disregard the peacefulness and contentment of having enough.

We direct our attention to the birds in the bush, forgetting the birds in the hands. As a result, our life is a series of wild goose chase!

When the desires are never ending, there is a never-ending feeling of wanting more, leading to insecurity that is a source of anxiety and stress.

We want more money, we want more from our loved ones, we hoard things so we can have them “just in case”, we rush through days so that we can get more done, we sigh for coming up short when comparing with neighbors …

Knowing enough takes away the insecurity, together with the anxiety and stress. It also gets you to appreciate what you already have, relish the present, and enjoy the state and stability and composure.

It gets you to be thankful to the people who support you, happy with the works that you have done, and your simple gestures in life like helping someone in dire need.

It brings you the yin-yang balance.

We will continue to aspire for the better, but not at the expense of the present and what we already have.  What is more!  We can achieve without anxiety and stress.

Knowing when you have enough avoids dishonor
Knowing when to stop keeps you from danger
and brings you a long and happy life.
        Tao Te Ching quotes, Verse 44
Thanks to Son of Groucho for the picture.

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