‘The Tao that can be mentioned is not the eternal Tao’ – Tao Definition

Tao explainedOne of the most frequently asked questions about Tao Te Ching is what Tao is.

This is indeed a very difficult question to answer.  Even Lao Tzu, the person who coined the word, was unable to give a clear Tao Definition.

Tao is hard to explain because it’s invisible. You can neither see nor touch it. It produces no sound and emits no smell. It’s very difficult to explain something as elusie as Tao.

If you don’t have some idea of what it Tao is, however, it would be difficult for you to understand how the universe works. It, after all, is the underlying principle of every existence.

In order for you to have some basic idea of what Tao is and the reasons why it’s beyond description, I’ve produced a series of four videos to answer the question from five perspectives. I hope they would be able to provide you with a glimpse of what Tao is and appreciate why it’s so difficult to explain.

Reason 1: It’s too old

Reason 2: It’s too big

Reason 3: It’s too small

Reasons 4:  It has no shape

Reason 5:  It can be in any shape



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