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tao is like a circle

Tao is like a circle

Tao is like a circle. It has no beginning. It has no ending. Beginning is ending, and ending is beginning. The world does not progress from one point to another as if a straight line. A cycle of year is more than a progression from the spring to the winter.  The winter is a point that gives birth to spring so ending is beginning. […]

taoist not a taoist

A Taoist Yet Not A Taoist

Tao transcends any distinctions in names Taoist is a very loose term. When we talk about Taoism, the first person who would most likely come into our mind is Lao Tzu and, of course, his famously difficult text to read Tao Te Ching!  Lao Tzu was, however, unlikely to know that he was a ‘Taoist’ […]

gentle and soft

A man is born gentle and weak, at his death he is hard and stiff

So stay gentle and soft. You can achieve this by letting go and allowing life to be! If you want vitality and vigor, avoid being hard and stiff. When a baby is born, she is totally soft and gentle. She is at the stage of her life cycle where vitality is most evident. She doubles her birth weight […]