taoist not a taoist

A Taoist Yet Not A Taoist

Tao transcends any distinctions in names Taoist is a very loose term. When we talk about Taoism, the first person who would most likely come into our mind is Lao Tzu and, of course, his famously difficult text to read Tao Te Ching!  Lao Tzu was, however, unlikely to know that he was a ‘Taoist’ […]

alan watts the chinese farmer

Alan Watts on Tao of Gain and Loss

Chinese parable narrated by Alan Watts   British-born American philosopher Alan Watts used the Chinese parable, The Story of the Chinese Farmer, to illustrate the way of life where nothing is experienced as either an advantage or a disadvantage.  He argues that it is the source of enormous empowerment and liberation. The farmer does not see life in terms of gain or loss or advantage […]

tao of being tidy

The Tao of Being Tidy

The declutting method that can change your life To get more from life, own less. This is what Lao Tzu has taught us, and one area of application is decluttering the space you live in. If there are clutters in your house, just imagine if you could get rid of them!  Not only does it allow […]