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tao is like a circle

Tao is like a circle

Tao is like a circle. It has no beginning. It has no ending. Beginning is ending, and ending is beginning. The world does not progress from one point to another as if a straight line. A cycle of year is more than a progression from the spring to the winter.  The winter is a point that gives birth to spring so ending is beginning. […]

empty boat by chuang tzu

If you can empty your boat no one will seek you harm

Empty your boat before cruising the world What is the difference between an empty boat and a boat with someone on it colliding  with yours head on? This is what Chuang Tzu says: “When you cross a river and an empty boat comes colliding with your boat head on, even if you’re a hot tempered person, you’re unlikely to be […]

rice - Tamaki

Why is staying simple not simple?

Embrace Simplicity A new disciple asks his master, “How do you practice Tao, Sir?” The master says, “When you are hungry, eat; when you are tired, sleep.” The disciple is astonished at the simplicity of the answer. “Isn’t that what everyone does anyway?” The master replies, “No. Most people feed themselves with thousands of desires […]