How big are the things that upset your today?

This is a BIG universe

We are saying that Tao is the underlying force that drives the universe.

If you know how big the universe is, then we would be able to appreciate the mightiness of Tao.

But have you ever thought about how big the universe is?

To answer the question, let’s begin with the sun.

To us, the sun is almighty.  It is so many time bigger than the earth, and every living being relies on it for survival.  Can there be anything bigger than the sun?

Watching the video below, and you’ll see that not only there are, in fact the sun is just a tiny star in the universe.

What’s more!  It is behaving just like other humble and faithful members of the gigantic universe.

If the sun is humble, what about you?

If the sun is going with the flow of the universe, what about you?

How big are the things that upset your today?

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