Entrepreneur and son of rocket scientist Will Rosenzweig talks about Tao

Will Rosenzweig talks about wuwei or non-doing

Grew up in Southern California — the heartbeat of one of the most explosive entrepreneurial period in history — with a rocket-scientist father, Will Rosenzweig is an entrepreneur managing a portfolio of companies.

With that kine of background, you would expect that Will Rosenzweige is a typical DOER.

It, therefore, comes as a surprise that he talk about NON-DOING, or wuwei as described in Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching.

“I sort of thought that everything was full on, full throttle all the way,“ says he. “Now looking back, having past age 50 I’ve realized that to sustain a life of doing, you really have to practice not doing.”

“Really, to have a life of doing you need to not do.”

It is by non-doing that he is able to do more.  How does he make non-doing a reality?

In his assessment, he divides non-doing into four levels.  The first is to refrain from acting.  Next is an engagement of stillness to invite an emergence of truth.  The third is a process of ‘flow’. The forth is the most elusive and the most difficult to achieve — where you stay detached to things you feel deeply and passionately about.

He also shares the ways that you may nurture your disposition of wuwei.

Let’s listen to him speak …

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