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tao te ching chapter 5

Too many colors blind your eyes

Life is colourful and interesting.  But do not succumb to allures of things that we don’t really need, people’s remarks that don’t really matter, and pursuits that bear no significance to your center of life.    Focus is power. The wise person remains unwavering to what is real to him and the calling from within the […]

chuang tzu fable man and shadow

Are you victim of your own foot steps & shadows?

Don’s run away!  You cannot get rid of your footsteps and shadows by running! Many of us are victims of our own footsteps and shadows, such as worries, fear, anxiety and lack of confidence.   Of the things that inflict these concerns on you, nevertheless, many are illusionary and self-imposed. It is like what Chuang Tzu’s described […]