Despite the simplicity, the meaning of the yinyang symbol is very profound.

yin yang symbol

The yin-yang symbol, known as tai chi (太极) symbol, is one of the most enduring symbols of the world.

Although the symbol is often used to denote Taoism and as an icon of the Chinese culture, it is universal.

It is worn on bracelets, tattooed on body and as ornamentation for attires. It can be found literally everywhere!

The structure of the symbol is very simple. It consists of a circle divided into two halves; each shapes like a fish. One of them is in white and the other black. Within each half is a smaller circle in the opposite color.

Despite the simplicity, the meaning of the yinyang symbol is very profound.

The symbol embodies the meaning of Tao – the origin of all things, out of which all of existence arises.

Balanced and proportionate, it implies oneness and signifies a state of tranquility, peacefulness and harmony.

Within the oneness are the opposing energies of yin and yang. The black symbolizes the yin energy, and the white the yang.  They contrast one another in nature, but exist alongside. They are like head and tail of a coin and men and women of the human race.

Neither the white nor the black takes predominance in the symbol. Each half is equal, symbolizes how the universe maintains its equilibrium. Day is of similar in length to night, and the number of men is about that of the women.

If you walk through the diameter of the symbol, you experience some black and some white along the way. Never pure black or pure white!

A smaller circle of opposite color is nested within each half of the symbol, serving as a constant reminder of the interdependent nature of yin yang. This is a very apt reflection of reality where you rarely see pure black and pure white. Failure is the seed of success, and in happiness lurks disaster.

The symbol is in a circle, suggesting constant flux and change. The energies continuously flow in a cyclical manner with no beginning or ending. Each of the energies flows into the other smoothly without edges, transforming one another.

I’m always overwhelmed by how much one can say through a well-structured symbol!

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