tao of freedomIf you want to be free and powerful, learn to be water.

Although soft and yielding, water can wear away the hardest rock in the world.

Water is powerful because it does not resist. When there is no resistance, there is no draining of energy on frustration, depression or fierce fighting for the defense of ego. This alone is a source of great strength.

By being yielding, water never has to struggle. It does not resist its path. It simply flows. It lives as what it is.  Living like water, therefore, gets you to live the real you.  It gives you the composure for searching the deepest end of your inner self.  It gets you to stay in the present, and enjoy more of what you are and what you have.

Living like water is living Tao. It gives us more freedom — the power to wear away the rocks in life and stay who you are!

Water is the softest and most yielding substance.
Yet nothing is better than water,
for overcoming the hard and rigid,
because nothing can compete with it.
Everyone knows that the soft and yielding
overcomes the rigid and hard,
but few can put this knowledge into practice.
Therefore the Master says:
“Only he who is the lowest servant of the kingdom,
is worthy to become its ruler.
He who is willing tackle the most unpleasant tasks,
is the best ruler in the world.”
True sayings seem contradictory.
Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching translated by J H McDonald

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