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Tao of Yin and Yang

We live in a world as if there is only black or white.

We tend to see things in the absolute terms. In reacting to a statement someone makes, we’d interpret it either as true or false. When we talk about a person, we tend to label him as good or bad.

In reality, black and white are just two colors; and in between them there is a gradation of hue. If you see only two colors, you are missing a lot of things that can bring you closer to the reality.

As a result, we miss the seeds of success in failure, and lose sight of misfortune when we are blessed with good luck. When your spouse complains, we feel only annoyance not the love.

Do not see black only as black and white only as white. Be ready to see black in white, and white in black, and the gradation of hue in between. In addition, do not lose sight of other colors in addition to black and black.

The way of thinking brings you closer to the reality.


Allow your mind to stay open. Accept, learn and understand.

Do not judge or conclude before your mind is clear. Apply the 8-second rule. Recognize contradiction and paradox in life.

Learn the yin and yang, and balance the yin and yang – often with yin in yang, and yang in yin.

“Know what is white,
and safeguard the black:
you get model of the world.

With model of the world,
where virtue never falters,
you will return to the infinite.”

Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching Chapter 28

Thank you Giuseppe Milo for the picture.


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