Farming Not Hunting

Tao of leadership


In farming, you plough the land and plant the seeds, but see nothing. 

You water the plants and remove the weeds.  Still, you see nothing. 

You patiently wait in faith before the fruits are born.  However, before they are ripe, you can do nothing.

Finally, it is time for harvest. 

When the next season comes around, you harvest again.

Hunting is different. 

You capture the prey, and enjoy the reward immeditately.  You have to, nevertheless, continuously hunting for new preys.  There is no recurring harvests.

As a leader, if you can function like a farmer, or a hunter.

As a farmer-type of leader, you invest in, and cultivate your relationship with your peaple.  You may not get anything immediately, but there will come a time when you can start harvesting, and enjoy the fruits of loyalty team in the long run.

If you behave like a hunter, you can exact respect and obedience by force.  It will, however, ‘kill’ the loyalty. If there is no loyalty, the leadership will not last.

Those who lead people by following the Tao
don’t use weapons to enforce their will.
Weapons often turn upon the wielder.

Lao Tzu Te Tao Ching 30


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