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tao and simplicity

Simplicity is crucial to Tao leadership. It makes following natural and easy.

Clear mind begets simplicity.

With clear mind, a labyrinth can be traveled in with ease. With the mind cluttered, a simple building is a labyrinth.

When the desk is clean -- you find what you want more readily.

Translate your clarity of mind into simplicity for actions. Talk honestly and simply to your people. Appreciate how much more effective is your communication. Do not, however, forget that clear mind begets simplicity. This happens only when you are clear about what you want to say. If you're not clear what you want to say, think it through. Do not communicate if the message is muddle-headed.

Make your next meeting short and sweet.

Compare it with the longer meetings you have, and see whether longer meetings would necessarily lead to better communication.

Again, this happens only when you are clear about what you want from the meeting. Think clearly before conducting a meeting.

Like laotse says,

“To manage people and serve the heaven,
There is no better rule than to be sparing.
Being sparing, one follows the Way.
Following the Way brings an abundance of Virtue.
With the abundance of Virtue, one is ever victorious.”

Simplicity leadership

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