Great Leadership Starts Small


One of the biggest reasons people fail to become a good leader is that they cannot make decision.

They’re not sure what they should do, even about the most insignificant things in life. Which movies to go to? What on the desk or in the carboard should be cast into the dustbin? Should I say ‘no’ to an invitation?

As a result, they lead their life without making decisions.

If you want to be a leader — and unfortunately you are having the decision-making problem that I have just described — you’ll need to change. Decision making is fundamental to leadership. You will not want to follow anyone who does not know where he wants to go. So if you want to lead, you must let your people have clarity of direction.

What is the first step that you should take to change this?

The simple answer is: start making decisions!

Cultivate the courage to make decisions.

But start small. So that you will not run into too much risk when going through the learning process. Make many, many small decisions, and be ready to accept the mistakes that you make in the process.

You may go to a wrong movie, throw away the wrong documents, and hurt a friend’s ego by saying ‘no’ to her invitation, but you learn in the process.

If you would continue to make decisions and review the results of the decisions, the communities effect can be tremendous. You will get better and better, and eventually have the ability to make decisions as a leader, comfortably!

In order to be a great leader, start small.

Just like what Lao Tze says:

The Tao is nameless and unchanging.
Although it appears insignificant,
nothing in the world can contain it.
(Chapter 32)

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