It is an unfair fight but surprisingly the old man turns the tables around
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It is a precarious situation. A powerful swordsman, who has killed many people, is coming back the next day to pick up a duel with the old, gentle tea master.

It is going to be an unfair fight.  The old man, despite holding a sword bestowed by the Emperor, does not even know how to wield the weapon.

The old man is disconcerted, and beseeches another swordsman for help. “You must teach me how to fight,” he says.

The friendly swordsman did not teach the old man how to fight.  He, nevertheless, gets the old man to do something that surprises his opponent and turns the tables around.

Find out what the surprising move of of the old man is.  The movie produced by Aaron Au is short.  It lasts less than 10 minutes.  But the message is powerful.  It is a piece of Tao wisdom one would cherish.


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