Tao is not about doing your best, but making the best of who you are

Tao is about being absolutely honest with yourself.

Without the honesty, you are putting your ego, own knowledge and desire in between of who you think you are and the actual you.

You become what you think you are, rather than what you naturally are.

Tao is not about doing your best, it is about making the best of who you are.  It is not only about being yourself, but living your true self.  Deception blocks your true aspirations, preventing you from bringing out the best in you.

Being honest with yourself does not mean that you can condone your weaknesses and flaws. Rather, it gets you to face them squarely and stop them from becoming your obstacles.

Like Lao Tzu said, “Those who know others are intelligent; those who know themselves are truly wise. Those who master others are strong; those who master themselves have true power.”

To be absolutely honest with yourself, allow a few minutes of silence to empty your mind everyday.

In the moments of silence, think of nothing. Cast away your knowledge, desire, prejudice, worries and fears. When this happens, you create a space for your mind to have direct dialogue with your inner self.

Frequent dialogues with our inner self bring you honesty with yourself.  The honesty brings you closer to Tao.

Thanks to Allessandro Capurso for the picture.

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  1. Thank you very much for your articles: so simple and profoundly meaningful. Two years ago I started to read about Tao, and at the very moment I decided to be honest with myself, at the age of 50 y/o I finally could reconcile my life with my true self.I stopped to fight against my homosexuallity and accepted it, that’s my true nature, so I started to be free.Again, thanks for your articles. All the best!

  2. I like your site and I want to thank you.
    My question is:
    my mind needs something in meditation to focus on.
    if I ,trying to empty my mind,focus on breathing, and only on breathing,would I be on right way?
    i feel scared to empty my mind of everything.


    1. Hi Aku,focusing on breathing is one of the simplest and safest ways to get your mind to empty. Make sure that the breaths are long and smooth. No pressure, not hurry. Try doing it and let me know if it works for you.

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