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example of wuwei

Examples of Wuwei

While wuwei is effortless, arriving at the state of wuwei usually requires effort The key takeaway of Tao Te Ching is the concept of wuwei, which literally means non-doing, or doing nothing. “The Tao never does, yet through it everything is done. If princes and dukes can keep the Tao, the world will of its own […]

Will Rosenzweig talks about wuwei or non-doing

To have a life of DOING you need to NOT DO

Entrepreneur and son of rocket scientist Will Rosenzweig talks about Tao Grew up in Southern California — the heartbeat of one of the most explosive entrepreneurial period in history — with a rocket-scientist father, Will Rosenzweig is an entrepreneur managing a portfolio of companies. With that kine of background, you would expect that Will Rosenzweige […]