Tao story - singing bowls
Tao story – singing bowls

Story of Singing Bowls – Tao Stories

A man is on a quest to find a bowl of exquisite quality. It leads him to his venture into one of the most renowned porcelain shops in town. Equipped with a trick he has learned, he intends to employ it in his search. His method involves picking up a bowl on display and delicately tapping it against others, listening attentively for a melodious resonance that would signify its superior craftsmanship.

However, much to his disappointment, none of the bowls seems to possess the desired quality. Perplexed, the man’s predicament did not go unnoticed by the seasoned old master craftsman standing nearby. Sensing that something is amiss, the master decides to intervene. He reaches for another bowl displayed before them and suggests, “Young man, why don’t you use this bowl as a sample for your test instead of the one in your hands?”

Intrigued by the master’s proposal, the young man follows his advice without hesitation. As he taps the chosen bowl against the rest of the displayed bowls, a remarkable occurrence unfolds. Every single bowl resounds with a harmonious chant, enveloping the shop in an enchanting symphony.

Overwhelmed by the astonishing revelation, the man can’t contain his exclamation. “So, every bowl is of exceptional quality!” he proclaims. “But why was I unable to perceive their resonance just moments ago?”

With a hint of remorse in his voice, the wise master reveals the truth. “The bowl you initially used for your test was flawed,” he confesses. “I apologize, for it was a defective one that I was about to discard.”

The man stands there, struck by the profound realization that his quest for a fine quality bowl has been compromised by an imperfect vessel. Grateful for the master’s guidance, he marvels at the wisdom imparted through this serendipitous encounter, forever transforming his perception of quality and the subtle nuances that distinguish exceptional craftsmanship from ordinary wares. 

Tao Te Ching Chapter 23

He who does not honor others will not be honored; similarly, trust can only be gained by being trustworthy. Credibility acts as a magnet, attracting positive energy and providing the foundation for personal growth. To earn the trust and support of others, treat them with sincerity and remain true to your promises. When you engage with others, your interactions harmonize like the melodious resonance of two singing bowls.

If you open yourself to the Tao,
the Tao will eagerly welcome you.
If you open yourself to virtue,
virtue will become a part of you.
If you open yourself to loss,
the lost are glad to see you.

To earn the trust and support of others, treat them with sincerity and remain true to your promises.

Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu, Chapter 23

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