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tao is like a circle

Tao is like a circle

Tao is like a circle. It has no beginning. It has no ending. Beginning is ending, and ending is beginning. The world does not progress from one point to another as if a straight line. A cycle of year is more than a progression from the spring to the winter.  The winter is a point that gives birth to spring so ending is beginning. […]

tao te ching chapter 5

Too many colors blind your eyes

Life is colourful and interesting.  But do not succumb to allures of things that we don’t really need, people’s remarks that don’t really matter, and pursuits that bear no significance to your center of life.    Focus is power. The wise person remains unwavering to what is real to him and the calling from within the […]

tao of water

Weakness can be powerful!

It is the weakness of water that makes it strong Water is weak, but it is its weakness that makes it strong. What happens when water encounters resistance? It breaks out! So when you put your hands in water, it runs through your hands without causing any harm. So water is yielding, and you may call […]