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tao te ching chapter 5

Too many colors blind your eyes

Life is colourful and interesting.  But do not succumb to allures of things that we don’t really need, people’s remarks that don’t really matter, and pursuits that bear no significance to your center of life.    Focus is power. The wise person remains unwavering to what is real to him and the calling from within the […]

is lao tzu contradicting

Highest virtue is not virtuous – Is Lao Tzu Contradicting Himself?

“Highest virtue is not virtuous and that is why it is virtuous,” says Lao Tzu. Statements like this make many people think that Lao Tzu is contradicting himself. Why is the ‘highest virtue’ virtuous when it is not virtuous.  The logical conclusion should be the other way around. Before I proceed, you may want to […]

tao of high performance

To be your best, don’t try hard!

“To be your best, try harder!” This is what we’ve been told since young.  By our parents,  teachers and bosses and whoever are concerned about our performance. Unfortunately, the advice – while well-intentioned — can be counter-productive. The truth is that if you want to be at your best, don’t try hard! Like what Lao Tzu teaches us in Tao […]