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tao te ching chapter 5

Too many colors blind your eyes

Life is colourful and interesting.  But do not succumb to allures of things that we don’t really need, people’s remarks that don’t really matter, and pursuits that bear no significance to your center of life.    Focus is power. The wise person remains unwavering to what is real to him and the calling from within the […]

tao of being tidy

The Tao of Being Tidy

The declutting method that can change your life To get more from life, own less. This is what Lao Tzu has taught us, and one area of application is decluttering the space you live in. If there are clutters in your house, just imagine if you could get rid of them!  Not only does it allow […]

gentle and soft

A man is born gentle and weak, at his death he is hard and stiff

So stay gentle and soft. You can achieve this by letting go and allowing life to be! If you want vitality and vigor, avoid being hard and stiff. When a baby is born, she is totally soft and gentle. She is at the stage of her life cycle where vitality is most evident. She doubles her birth weight […]

tao muddy water

Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles

If you are puzzled don’t stare hard While life brings you thrills and excitement, it also dispenses you with a fair share of puzzles and perplexity. You are perplexed when a good friend suddenly gives you a cold shoulder, worried when your boss speaks to you in a tone unusually stern, and anxious when your tour agent fails to pick […]