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tao of high performance

To be your best, don’t try hard!

“To be your best, try harder!” This is what we’ve been told since young.  By our parents,  teachers and bosses and whoever are concerned about our performance. Unfortunately, the advice – while well-intentioned — can be counter-productive. The truth is that if you want to be at your best, don’t try hard! Like what Lao Tzu teaches us in Tao […]

taoist not a taoist

A Taoist Yet Not A Taoist

Tao transcends any distinctions in names Taoist is a very loose term. When we talk about Taoism, the first person who would most likely come into our mind is Lao Tzu and, of course, his famously difficult text to read Tao Te Ching!  Lao Tzu was, however, unlikely to know that he was a ‘Taoist’ […]

tao te ching and success

How does Tao Te Ching define SUCCESS?

In Tao Te Ching SUCCESS is a state of being We often associate success with materialistic possessions. Big money, huge houses, flashy cars; the list goes on. This seems to be in stark contrast with what Lao Tzu teaches. He stresses moderation, conservation and contentment in Tao Te Ching. Does it mean that Lao Tzu […]