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He who does not trust enough, will not be trusted

Tao of finding a singing bowl A man is looking for a bowl of fine quality.  So he visits the most famous porcelain shop in town. To test the quality of the bowls, he picks up one of the bowls on display and knocks it gently against another. The test goes like this:  Upon knocking the bowl against another, if he can hear […]

is lao tzu contradicting

Highest virtue is not virtuous – Is Lao Tzu Contradicting Himself?

“Highest virtue is not virtuous and that is why it is virtuous,” says Lao Tzu. Statements like this make many people think that Lao Tzu is contradicting himself. Why is the ‘highest virtue’ virtuous when it is not virtuous.  The logical conclusion should be the other way around. Before I proceed, you may want to […]

tao of high performance

To be your best, don’t try hard!

“To be your best, try harder!” This is what we’ve been told since young.  By our parents,  teachers and bosses and whoever are concerned about our performance. Unfortunately, the advice – while well-intentioned — can be counter-productive. The truth is that if you want to be at your best, don’t try hard! Like what Lao Tzu teaches us in Tao […]

tao muddy water

Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles

If you are puzzled don’t stare hard While life brings you thrills and excitement, it also dispenses you with a fair share of puzzles and perplexity. You are perplexed when a good friend suddenly gives you a cold shoulder, worried when your boss speaks to you in a tone unusually stern, and anxious when your tour agent fails to pick […]