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taoist not a taoist

A Taoist Yet Not A Taoist

Tao transcends any distinctions in names Taoist is a very loose term. When we talk about Taoism, the first person who would most likely come into our mind is Lao Tzu and, of course, his famously difficult text to read Tao Te Ching!  Lao Tzu was, however, unlikely to know that he was a ‘Taoist’ […]

lao tzu anti knowledge

Is Lao Tzu Anti-Knowledge?

Knowledge is powerful but not knowing its limitation can be dangerous Some wonder why Lao Tzu is against learning and knowledge. Chapter 19 of Tao Te Ching says, “Discontinue sagacity, discard knowledge, the people benefit a hundred-fold’. Chapter 20 starts similarly, “Cease learning, no more worries”. This can indeed be puzzling, especially in this information […]

is taoism a religion?

Is Taoism a Religion?

I Ching appeared 5000 years ago, but Taoism as a religion emerged about 2000 years ago Is Taoism a religion?  The answer is yes and no. Taoism as a religion is evident by the practice of worship of its believers, the idols of deities and the Taoist priests who connect the worshipers and the divinities. While Taoism is […]

taoism as religion

Is Taoism a Religion?

Originally a Chinese philosophy, Taoism is gaining popular in the West and the rest of the world, and has been widely embraced as a way of life. Tao Te Ching, the best-known Taoist classic, has become the most translated text, second only to the Bible. Is Taoism a religion? The answer is yes and no. […]