Heading nowhere can be fun
tao te ching | Verse 1

Heading nowhere can be fun

See Tao the Mystery of the Universe Unfold What about an escape with a friend without any destination in mind? Go anyway with any friend.  Don’t plan, just go! If you are an organised person, the idea itself can be abhorring.  Where shall I begin, who shall I be?  what will happen, will I end up…

Tao of leadership

Who is the Leader? – Tao Te Ching Verse 17

Think about it:  Who are your leaders? Is that your boss, your teachers, your parents, or someone holding political offices? People in these positions carry the responsibilities of leadership.  They should be leading. They are, however, not necessarily the true leader.  They could be just leaders in title. As what Lao Tzu says, the best…