The Tao of Self Growth

Making the Best of Your Nature


To apply Tao in life, the first thing you should do is to be absolutely honest to yourself.

Embrace the life and flow with it. It is not about doing your best, it is about making the best of your nature. It is not only about being yourself, it is about expressing your true self.

Understand how the world work, and how you can best live in this world. Do your part, and let the nature take its course. You are not the universe. You're part of it. You cannot impose on the universe what you want, but you can always work with the universe to get what you want.

The process would not be the same for everyone, and Daoism can mean different things to different persons. On this website are some practices that you may adopt when applying Tao to make a better you. They are not difficult, but because of our upbringing and desire, they can be difficult, especially at the beginning.

Just bear in mind that with Tao, your life is supposed to be simpler, rather than become more complicated. You will know what I mean after a while.


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