Regulation of Vitality Energy


Like meditation and tai chi, qigong has been practiced widely in China for thousands of years. It is also known as chi gong, qi gong, chi kung.

While there are many different schools of Tao meditation and tai chi, there are even more for qi gong. They are however all based on the concept of regulating the qi energy to boost vitality, and to maintain the yin-yang balance which is critical to our health. As meditation and tai chi are also exercises that regulate the qi energy, they are considered to be qi gong as well.

There are basically in two broad categories: the motionless, and the moving.

The motionless involves very little, or no physical movement of the body. Meditation is an example. While meditation is done sitting, there are other forms of qi gong done standing, or lying down. Although motionless chi kung does not involve physical movements, it is considered sports as it exercises our inner systems, including organs like intestines, liver and stomach.

The moving qigong involves physically moving and exercising your body. Tai chi is considered a form of moving qi gong.

Motionless or moving, chi kung uses posture or movements to activate the chi energies in our body while, at the same time, draws the qi energy from the atmosphere. It requires that you are calm, balanced, and in most cases, silent.

Qi gong ultimately relaxes your mind and body, and vitalizes you through the regulation and preservation of the qi energy. Generally, you become stronger and more resistant to diseases as a result.

In comparison to meditation and tai chi, chi gong generally is more handy and easier to learn, as it is usually done in discrete movements with simple sequence.

my chronic coughing. By going through the Taiji shibashi, which is based on taiji movements, the coughing was miraculously cured within a couple of months. From then on, I have continued to learn and experiment with different qigong methods, and found the experience to be interesting and rewarding.

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