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empty boat by chuang tzu

If you can empty your boat no one will seek you harm

Empty your boat before cruising the world What is the difference between an empty boat and a boat with someone on it colliding  with yours head on? This is what Chuang Tzu says: “When you cross a river and an empty boat comes colliding with your boat head on, even if you’re a hot tempered person, you’re unlikely to be […]

chuang tzu fable man and shadow

Are you victim of your own foot steps & shadows?

Don’s run away!  You cannot get rid of your footsteps and shadows by running! Many of us are victims of our own footsteps and shadows, such as worries, fear, anxiety and lack of confidence.   Of the things that inflict these concerns on you, nevertheless, many are illusionary and self-imposed. It is like what Chuang Tzu’s described […]